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There is no such thing as a community without music.
3.6 STUDIO is a music production agency specializing in sound and image interactions.
Our unique expertise provides for creating music that will enhance significantly your movie or advertisement impact. This association of two composers, linked by a long-lasting friendship, arises from the desire to collaborate with other creative artists and entrepreneurs.

Working men

Yoann Denesle

Yoann Denesle was born on August 23, 1991 in Rouen (France). He settled in Montreal in 2017, where he has been living and working since then. It is after a one-year stay in Romania in 2013, that he began to develop his musical sensitivity by intensively practicing DJ-ing and music production. As a founding member of the artistic collective Les Bourlingueurs, he organizes each year in Normandy (France) the festival Les Effusions (2016-2019).
Through this commitment, he refined his practice for the performing arts. Out of these fertile research-creation residencies were born innovative multidisciplinary works such as Ingenu.e (2018) which combines an interactive visual installation, dance and live music. More recently, J'attends un détail (2019), is a state-of-the-art collaboration weaving together mixed music and contemporary dancing (by Arianne Sergent and Ilan Gratini). In 2018, he finally professionalized his practice by engaging his work towards scoring for business media (licensing, advertisement/marketing). His last training at the SAT in 2019 (Immersive Sound Creation) allows him for integrating his artistic creations into 360° immersive environments and tackling multisensory spaces through a cutting-edge perspective.
His artistic approach continually explores new horizons using sound recording, sound synthesis, and above all, applying these innovative, creative and interdisciplinary techniques to original materials. His work is definitely rhythm and percussive sounds oriented. The astonishing simplicity of his pieces contains nonetheless a subtle and delicate complexity resulting from both a popular and scholarly imagination, shaped as much by the ancestral rites of West Africa as by European and North American composers.
Today, his career is led under two identities: as Djima, heritage of his Togolese origins, he promotes his more artistic compositions and live performances. As Yoann, his usual name, he delivers licensing music and sound design for professional video productions.

Simon Chenaux

Simon Chenaux was born on March 27, 1992 in Meaux (France). He has been living and working in Montreal since 2015. Practising music from an early age and travelling through France, he studied music performance, and shaped his sensitivity and skills at several conservatories. Notably, he studied electroacoustic composition as well as musicology in Montpellier.
In 2016, he devoted himself to ethnographic and ethnomusicological research at the University of Montréal. But in 2018, after two years spent as a research fellow within a multidisciplinary laboratory, he left scientific research to embrace professional music creation.
2017 is key: he decided to put his skills at composing and performing into live production. As a co-creator of Ingenu.e (2018) with Yoann Denesle, the multidisciplinary contemporary artist Lilian Guiran and the collective Isotone, Simon contributed to the electroacoustic and acoustic dimension of the production.
Since 2018, he has been developing music licensing for short films (artistic and business), as a composer and a sound designer. Today, his music clearly reflects a background in electroacoustic, but and foremost, his skills coined during a formal training in instrumental music.
Yoann and Simon have been working together since 2017. Two years of a close collaboration through which they have learned together how creativity that emerges from their work always exceeds their prior expectations.

Music licensing for video productions

Have you ever tried to watch Star Wars having cut off the music volume?
Indeed, it doesn't provide the same effect. Music makes possible to immerse oneself in the story in the most total way, by arousing emotions and thereby involving viewers in the storyline.

Artistic Projects

It is by working in different projects and artistic collaborations that we expand our repertoire and our field of techniques. It is also a great way for us to improve our understanding of the public and its expectations.
You will find more details concerning those projects by clicking on their title.


This work reflects three years of a close collaboration between Yoann, Simom, contemporary artist Lilian Guiran, flutist Jeremy Chignec, dancers Ilan Gratini, as well as visual artists Hugo Fournier, Bar Rubinstein and Félix Bonjour. Ingenu.e is thus the result of creative interactions between artists from multiple horizons and working with a multitude of heterogeneous materials such as sound, image, body and space.
The purpose of this live performance was to create an immersive environment that blurs the boundaries between the medias it is composed of. After a first performance in France during summer of 2018 featuring dancer Ilan Gratini, (currently working in Portugal) we wanted to adapt this piece for our homeland: Montreal. Since January 2019, we have been collaborating then in a residency at EDCM with two new contemporary dance performers: Raphaëlle Renucci and Mathilde Heuzé.
Discover this visual environment of this event.


This 3D animated video is the last chapter of the first triptych by visual artist Eddy Loukil. This brutalist and symbolist work highlights human relationships at the age of cultural industry, and questions, in its own way, the boundary between fine and digital arts.
As composers, we scored a repetitive work presenting a circular motivic element and an evocative modal harmony that envelop the concrete statues that the camera unveils. In addition to the techniques of Western modern orchestration, choral composition, electroacoustic and sound design, we have sought to create an imaginary ritual: one that takes place in this exhibition hall.

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